Covid-19 Updates

Update - 07/30/20

Hey church family,


There are three points of communication for this week.

1.     In this season of disruption, sometimes we can miss what God is doing.  Several good things have happened recently, of which two highlights include 250 VBS bags being delivered to Challenge Houses, and new Sunday School classes being formed in the youth and adults areas.

2.     On August 16th we will hold the Lord’s Supper.  Please be preparing yourself spiritually for this occasion.  If you can’t attend in person, be gathering your supplies at home.

3.     Ricky and Susan Ahart’s house went under contract this week.  If the sale goes through as anticipated, they will move to Greenville.  However, Susan will continue to work here through the end of the year as she trains her replacements for her many responsibilities.  This news is bittersweet as we rejoice with them for being near their grandchildren, but will miss them sorely for all the good they do here.

Brother John

Update - 06/21/20

Hey church family, 


I have four important communication points over the next two weeks for you.


  1. First, we will return worship services to their normal times starting July 5th - that means 8:15, 9:30, and 10:45.  We have evaluated the amount of turnover time needed between services, and we can still meet safety standards.  
  2. Second, George Bowers has professed Jesus Christ as his Lord and will be baptized on 6/26 at 6:30pm.  All church members are invited to celebrate with him.  The reason he will be baptized on a Friday is because his work schedule requires him to be gone on Sundays.
  3. Third, don’t forget that we vote on the deacon nomination this Sunday at the end of each service.
  4. Fourth, this Wednesday 6/24 at 6pm we will have the spring church business meeting.  You will hear ministry and committee reports as well as vote on the Nominating Committee.


God bless you!


Brother John

Update - 05/24/20



As things become a little clearer we want to be diligent to communicate what to expect inasmuch as we know to this point.  Below are key dates in the life of our church over the next 4 weeks.  For the immediate future we will continue with worship services only.  Sunday School, children and youth meetings on Sunday and Wednesday will not be held on our campus.


May 31st

       In-person services will be held at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 until further notice and livestream will be continued.

       We will still be feeling our way through and evaluating these services.  Thank you to those who gave us feedback from the 5/24 service.

       Owen Morris baptized in the 11am service.


June 3

       Wednesday night prayer meeting test restart at 6pm in the sanctuary.  We will evaluate how this goes.  Adults only, no children or youth activities.

       Wednesday night teaching will still be shown at 6pm, so those at home can still participate.


June 7

       New deacon candidates will be announced.  

       Pastor Search Committee report will be give, and thereafter on the first Sunday of the month.


June 10

       Prayer meeting will be held if June 3rd goes well.


June 14

       Second announcement of proposed new deacon candidates


June 17

       Prayer meeting will be held if June 3rd goes well.


June 21

       Church will vote on the new deacon candidates presented on June 7th.

       Father’s Day


June 24th

       The spring business meeting originally scheduled for 5/20 will be held on this date.


June 28th

       No special event other than worship services.



Thank you for being understanding and flexible during this time of uncertainty.  Your graciousness and magnanimous spirit has been so refreshing.  We will continue to evaluate during this season and make adjustments as needed.


Brother John


It has been weeks in coming, but we now have enough information to begin the phase 1 process of reopening the church.    I say begin the process because there will be adjustments along the way as we feel our way through the phases, and as of yet a final timeline is still unknown.  In the information below, I want to communicate with you what we will do and why.



Above all we wanted you to be both encouraged in the Lord while being as safe as possible. All of our thinking and planning took into account these two factors.  We are aware that in a church our size, there will be differing opinions and readiness levels regarding coming back to church.   We encourage you to do as you feel led in terms of your physical attendance.  Remember that whatever position you hold, you should not look down on your brother or sister who holds a different opinion than yours (Rom 14:3).



I also want you to know how we arrived at the plan we have.  A good deal of thought and planning has gone into what we will do the first Sunday back to both be as safe as possible and yet worship the Lord.  The following six factors were the major sources that influenced our thinking:

  1. We examined what the CDC and state recommendations or requirements are.
  1. We worked through 48 questions published by LifeWay to consider in reopening the church.
  2. We consulted with two doctors.
  3. We watched the webinar regarding, What we learned the first day we reopened our church, by Fellowship Church in Dallas.
  4. We received input from other ministers in what they are experiencing in their churches.
  5. We discussed and formulated a plan during staff meetings.

The Bottom Line

  1. We will reopen Sunday May 24th
  2. We will not have Sunday School, preschool or nursery, but worship services only.  The reason for this is that it is not possible to have Sunday School classes and maintain social distancing.  Changing stations for babies are in the bathrooms.
  3. The service times will be 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00.  The 30 minutes between services will allow more time for turnover between services so that social distancing will be maintained.

The Details

  1. When you drive to the parking lot, seek to space out your vehicle if possible.  As you approach the building, maintain the appropriate spacing with others who are coming in.
  2. The foyer entrance doors will be marked on both sides of the building.
  3. You will be guided by a partition to the center doors entrance to the sanctuary.  There will be no congregating in the foyer area.
  4. Upon entering the sanctuary, you will choose where to sit.  Every other row in the sanctuary has been removed to create front to back social distancing of 6 feet.  When sitting with others on a row we are asking people to use personal judgment as to what constitutes appropriate social distancing. 
  5. Families or couples may sit together without social distancing concerns just like at home.
  6. At the end of the service ushers will dismiss rows one at a time in the same way a funeral service does.
  7. You will exit out marked doors of the sanctuary and follow a partition to the outside.
  8. Regarding wearing a mask – Governor Beshear recommends, but does not require, the wearing of a mask.  Therefore, we are leaving the decision to wear or not wear a mask up to you as an individual.
  9. In between services, all hard surfaces will be sanitized.
  10. Restrooms will have an attendant sanitizing surfaces.
  11. Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering the building.
  12. There will be no handing out of bulletins or passing of offering plates.  You may pick up your own bulletin as you enter the sanctuary and drop off an offering at stations by the exit doors.

Who Should or Should Not come to Church

  • If you are running or have run a fever in the last 3 days, please join us in worship through our online service rather than in person.
  • If you are a high risk patient, please use wisdom and discretion and join us in worship through our online service.  
  • If you do not feel comfortable attending for your own sake or family members sake, do not feel obligated to come in person but please join us in worship through our online service.

Final Note

I have two final comments:

1. Based on developments or feedback we receive we may make tweaks to this plan.

2. I have been so encouraged by the love you have shown each other during this time.  You have called, dropped off food, prayed for, run errands, given financially to each other and done a myriad of others things.  What a blessing it is to see the fellowship you have.