Local Missions

Challenge House, 311 Bryan St, www.challengehouse.org

What they do: Place Christian “ambassadors” in houses located in under-resourced neighborhoods


Alpha Alternative, 1705 South Main St, www.alphapcc.org

What they do: Help those with unwanted pregnancies, coping with abortion, and parenting advice


Micah Mission, 209 South Main St, www.micahmission.org

What they do: Serve impoverished in Hopkinsville on a case-by-case basis


T.H.E. Home Project, 2300 Cadiz Road

What they do: Help families and individuals transition from shelters to a home of their own.


Salvation Army, 301 East 7th St, www.salvationarmyhopkinsville.org

What they do: Assist the less fortunate in Hopkinsville with food, shelter, job assistance, etc.


Grace and Mercy, 270 Burley Ave, www.graceandmercyky.org

What they do: Empower women in crisis with the love of Christ through housing and friendship


HR Ministries, Christian County Jail, www.hrministries.net

What they do: Disciple incarcerated men and women through Bible study