At Edgewood, we believe that God calls "ordinary Christians" to take the gospel to the nations, and every Christian to make disciples!  For this reason, we strive to equip God's people for the work of ministry in everything we do. (Eph. 4:11-12) 

Whether you are faithful to pray, faithful to give, or faithful to go, Edgewood is a church where you can be active in fulfilling the command of Jesus: "Go...and make disciples."(Mt. 28:19)


    We believe that the command to make disciples is often easier to accomplish when churches partner together. For this reason, we actively partner with the following organizations to send pastors, church planters, and missionaries locally, regionally, and globally.

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    Local MissionS Agencies


    Challenge House, 311 Bryan St, www.challengehouse.org

    What they do: Place Christian “ambassadors” in houses located in under-resourced neighborhoods


    Alpha Alternative, 1705 South Main St, www.alphapcc.org

    What they do: Help those with unwanted pregnancies, coping with abortion, and parenting advice


    Salvation Army, 301 East 7th St, www.salvationarmyhopkinsville.org

    What they do: Assist the less fortunate in Hopkinsville with food, shelter, job assistance, etc.


    Grace and Mercy, 270 Burley Ave, www.graceandmercyky.org

    What they do: Empower women in crisis with the love of Christ through housing and friendship


    HR Ministries, Christian County Jail, www.hrministries.net

    What they do: Disciple incarcerated men and women through Bible study

    Aaron McNeill, 604 E 2nd St, http://www.aaronmcneil.org

    What they do:  Assist families in crisis with basic needs

    Impact Ministry513 W 9th St, https://www.christiancountybaptist.com/impact-ministry/

    What they do:  Food and clothing distribution ministry for those in need.