Missions Training

Personal Evangelism – Not Scheduled
Whether you are in Hopkinsville or Mumbai, Teresina or the Czech Republic, if you are a believer you have the only answer to everyone’s greatest need: the good news of God’s grace through Jesus! This training will introduce you to various ways of sharing your faith with confidence in God’s power!

Cross-Cultural Training – Not Scheduled
Whenever you step out your door, you encounter people who carry a different outlook on life.
When you go overseas, those differences are compounded. So when you go on mission with
Edgewood, we want you to be equipped to understand and communicate cross-culturally and
this training will help!

What Now? – Not Scheduled
Many who go on short-term mission trips come home and experience a divine discontentment following their experience: they were so spiritually engaged while on their trip that they feel unfulfilled when they get home! This missions debrief training will help you answer the question, “What do I do now?” when you return from a mission trip.