Sunday Morning 

     Students are a priority here at Edgewood – just like they are in your home.  We recognize that we have been created to know God and make Him known.  In fact, God has called us to be disciples who make disciples! Our Student ministry exists to introduce students to Jesus, challenge their faith, and foster spiritual disciplines that will continue into adulthood.  Our Sunday morning small groups which gather at 9:30 and 10:45 offer middle school and high school students a comfortable atmosphere to encounter the timeless truth of God’s Word while considering how that truth changes the way we live today.


Wednesday Night @ The Well

     Our Wednesday night services are a fun-filled time designed to encourage students to press even deeper into God’s Word by not just engaging with the scripture, but learning how to utilize bible study methods, techniques, and tools for themselves.  Student lead worship offers the opportunity to join together in exalting Jesus through current worship music that resonates within the heart of this generation.  The seriousness of our faith however never stops us from enjoying a good laugh or plenty of games!