3 Ways to Become a Member

BY BAPTISM - I have accepted Christ as my personal Savior and I need to be baptized by immersion.



BY STATEMENT - I have accepted Christ as my personal Savior.  I have already been baptized by immersion following my salvation.  I desire membership with Edgewood Baptist Church. 

BY LETTER - I have accepted Christ as my personal Savior, I have been baptized by immersion. I am currently a member of another Baptist church and I would like to transfer my membership from there to Edgewood.




Our Pastor and Ministry Leaders look forward to speaking with you about becoming a part of Edgewood. If are ready to join Edgewood or simply want to know more about membership, you can let the pastor know during the time of invitation at the end of the Sunday worship service or you can indicate your interest in membership on the back of the connection card provided each Sunday in your worship bulletin.

Edgewood’s Membership Covenant

God established a covenant relationship, first with His people—Israel, and then a new covenant with His people—the church.  Therefore, as members of God’s covenant family known as Edgewood Baptist Church, 

We commit ourselves to God and to one another to be Christlike in our lives and relationships through the presence, guidance, and power of God’s Holy Spirit.

We will love one another as Christ loved us, honor one another above ourselves, be kind and compassionate to one another, encourage and build up one another, comfort one another, and offer hospitality to one another.

We will have a spirit of unity based on our common bond in Christ, be united in mind and convictions, meet together regularly, have equal concern for each other, suffer when one suffers and rejoice when another is honored, and consider others more important than ourselves.

We will use our God-given knowledge to instruct one another, use our spiritual gifts to bless one another, use the Word of Christ to teach and admonish one another, and nurture one another toward spiritual maturity measured by the life and ministry of Jesus.

We will confess our sins to one another, pray for each other, warn those who are idle, encourage the discouraged, help the weak, be patient with one another, forgive one another as the Lord forgave us, and gently restore those who sin.

We will not talk negatively about one another, not pass judgment on one another, not put any stumbling block in one another’s way, not be morally impure, not use obscenities, not be greedy, but we will be filled with the Spirit.

We will let the light of our godly lives shine together to bring glory to God.