At Edgewood we believe that worship is primarily a lifestyle.  Our devotion to God should affect every aspect of our lives.  Each week we attempt to provide opportunities for everyone to express that devotion in different ways.  We study God's Word in our small groups and through the pastor's teaching.  We spend time in prayer.  We show our faith in God's provision through our tithes and offerings.  And we sing. Many of our opportunities to worship are personal, but when we come together in our worship services to sing to God, we encourage everyone to take part!  There are also opportunities for you to lead in worship!  Our Worship Team on any given week is comprised of several instrumentalists and vocalists.  Occasionally, our Adult Choir will take part and lead in our services as well.

Our adult choir leads in worship one Sunday each month in every service. In addition to these Sundays, they perform at least two major works every year. This group has had the privilege of being invited to sing in several churches throughout the Hopkinsville area as well as Tennessee and Indiana. They are strongly committed to caring for, praying with, and encouraging each other as a family. Membership in this group is open to anyone who has a desire to sing and love for the Lord. Rehearsal times are Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

Our Worship Team leads in worship at our contemporary services every week. If you are interested in becoming part of the worship team, you may email Brian or download this application and return it to Brian or the front office.  In most cases, we ask that applicants be at least 18 years of age.  Some exceptions are made based on experience.

The most important musical group at Edgewood is the congregational choir. Congregational singing is emphasized and encouraged in our worship in both our 8:15 traditional service, and all of our contemporary services.