Edgewood Pastor Search

“Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” -John 12:21


  • On June 23, 2019, Edgewood Baptist Church overwhelmingly voted to accept the names submitted by the Church Council to serve as the Pastor Search Committee in the process of seeking God's will for our next pastor.
  • The 2019PSC served diligently for months but unfortunately could not reach a consensus on a candidate to move forward with.
  • At the December 18, 2019 biannual business meeting, a motion put forward by the 2019 Church Council was passed that (1) the church go on record to express appreciation and thanks for each member of the 2019PSC for their labor and diligent service to us over the past few months; (2) that a new Pastor Search Committee be elected; (3) and  that the 2020 Church Council be tasked with nominating the candidates for the new Pastor Search Committee.
  • The Church Council is made up of all the chair persons of our various committees. The final committee met on Sunday 1/19/2020 to choose their chair person, thus completing the Church Council. The 2020 Church Council will quickly begin the process of seeking nominees for the 2020 Pastor Search Committee. After being nominated, the 2020PSC will be voted on by the entire church.

For more info on our church governance, our Constitution & By-laws can be viewed online.

Pastor Search Information

This section will serve as the point of communication for the pastor search process. Here you will find prayer requests, updates, and information for those seeking to submit a resume.

  • prayer

    EBC wants to extend gratitude to the 2019 Pastor Search Committee for their diligence and for their time and effort investment. As we turn into 2020, a new committee will be forming soon. Be in prayer for this process and for the 2020 Church Council as they nominate names to bring to the church to vote on.

  • apply

    We will be accepting résumés again as soon as we form a 2020 Pastor Search Committee. Check back by March 1.