Update - 11/05/20

Dear church family,


There are two announcements for the week:

1.     Our “Just Say Yes” event has been so exciting thus far.  We are hearing the mighty works of God at home and around the world, and church you are responding so well in attending to find out how God might want to use us in the coming days.  Did you know that our Sunday morning and Wed night services easily had the largest attendance in them since the coronavirus began?  Below are more upcoming highlights for Sunday:

      Zane Pratt and Cal Hiebsch- This Sunday we have Zane Pratt, VP of training for the International Mission Board with us, and Cal from Poland on a video.

      Give, Go, Pray Luncheon – after the third service we have an open lunch in which you can sign up to give, go or pray for missions in 2021, or find out more information if you are still unsure about how you can respond.

      Passport stamps – Don’t forget to pick up a “passport” on Sunday morning, and have it stamped for events you attend.  At the Give, Go, Pray luncheon we will help first time mission trip participants with some scholarship aid to go on a mission trip next year.

      Tshirts – Don’t forget they are available for purchase Sunday morning in the foyer for $15 if you haven’t picked one up yet.

2.     DNow, our annual youth discipleship event will be held the weekend of 11/13-15.  If your middle or high schooler hasn’t signed up yet, do so this Sunday.


God bless you church!


Brother John      



UPDATE - 9/09/20



As our church increasingly restarts an increasing number of regular activities, I thought it would be wise to communicate key information as it relates certain coronavirus considerations.



  1. On the whole, we have entrusted each adult Sunday School class with the decision-making responsibility for determining their comfort level in meeting.  Each class is unique and has individual considerations according to their varying needs regarding when they begin meeting again.  To date, most of the Sunday School classes except the majority of our senior adults are meeting.
  2. As of September 6th, all children and student classes have restarted.  The schools have restarted, so it was fairly obvious that these classes should too.  However, the caveat is that parents need to sign their children up ahead of time so we will know if a class becomes too full to socially distance, so we can plan accordingly.  If a child is not signed up ahead of time via the website, this could result in a parent being unable to drop off their child at his or her classroom.  Also, mask wearing for children and students grades 1-12 is mandatory.
  3. Current plans are that Awana and will restart in mid-October.   Logistics and details are being reviewed before making an official announcement for a start date.



  1. If someone in a Sunday School class tests positive, then that class will not meet for the appropriate time period, probably two Sundays.  We do not plan to shut down church services.
  2. If a staff member tests positive, that staff member will be quarantined for the appropriate time.  We do not plan to shut down church services.  Currently, in any meeting the staff has during the week we are socially distanced from each other.  This is so that all the staff will not all have to be quarantined in the event that one of us tests positive.
  3. If Brother John tests positive, someone will be secured to fill the pulpit for the appropriate time.
  4. If multiple people test positive, we will cross that bridge when we come to it.


Finally, did you know that our attendance levels are far superior to the average church our size?  This speaks to the strength of the relationships and love you have for one another.  You are a such blessing!  What a joy it is to be a part of such a wonderful fellowship!


-Brother John